MUTTP donated €750 to Jeff

For more than 10 years, Jeff has been working as tourist guide in Munich. It was a happy coincidence that we have met Jeff in our favourite cafe in Munich. The day we met him, he was telling the cafe owner that he is currently working on 450€ basis in a restaurant because as a tourist guide there are no jobs at the moment. This sounded like a perfect recipient of a MUTTP donation to us. A week later, we  asked in the restaurant for his name and address, and visited him to get to know him better.

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of tourists travelling around and at the same time an increased demand for guided city tours in and around Munich. Unfortunately, the tourist guide industry has almost come to a standstill since spring 2020 due to the worldwide contact and travel restrictions. As a result, Jeff was left without a regular income overnight. Like Jeff, many tourist guides are already using their savings for daily life which were actually intended as pension. And, there is not much hope for a better world next year. 

We are much impressed by Jeff because he is a man of action who has always taken his luck into his own hands and fought his way through life with great skill and ingenuity. Also, his selflessness and generosity showed us that he does not only think about himself but also about his fellow guides. Because he said on his own initiative that he definitely wants to share the donation with somebody else and he told us about Elli (the other tourist guide we sent a donation to).

The world needs more people like Jeff. People who look after each other and act in solidarity, not only in good but also in challenging times. 


On behalf of all MUTTP supporters we donated €750 to Jeff to support him in these turbulent times!

Many thanks to all MUTTP supporters who made this donation possible - you are awesome!