MUTTP donated €750 to Elli

Elli is a certified tourist guide of Munich. When we told Jeff about our plans to donate money to him, he drew our attention to Elli. He wanted to share they donation with Elli which is why we contacted her few days later and asked for a meeting to get to know each other.

As a member of the Munich Tourist Guide Association and the German National Tourist Guide Association, she is committed to the interests of the tour guides during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The legal situation regarding the financial support from the state is particularly tough for solo self-employed tour guides like Elli (status today). Without any exception, there is no way for them to apply for COVID relief efforts. According to the nationwide regulation, the entrepreneur's salary (Unternehmerlohn) does not have to be spend to cover living expenses but exclusively for business purposes like operating costs. However, tour guides are not suffering financial losses during the pandemic due to high running operating costs as their main capital is their personal, physical and mental working capacity. For example Baden-Württemberg has reacted to this special dilemma for tourist guides and has introduced a fictitious entrepreneurial salary (fiktiven Unternehmerlohn) which is financed from state funds.

In Bavaria, unemployment benefit II (Arbeitslosengeld II) is the only way to cover bread and butter - but to get the benefit the applicant must use up all the personal savings first. However, these savings are the only pension for self-employed tourist guides like Elli. So from one day to the next, she had no regular income anymore. 

Elli studied German Studies and speaks fluently German, Italian, English and Dutch. Hardly anyone can imagine the intellectual effort that flows into organising and doing a city, museum or castle tour. We all can easily access all the information about the most important sights of a city in seconds on our smartphone. But if you really want to get to know and experience a city in an authentic way you can only do this with people like Elli, who are an essential part of the local culture.


We admire Elli for her big heart and her tireless commitment. Despite the immense challenges she is currently facing, she is still very actively supporting the Münchner Tafel on a voluntary basis.


In the name of all MUTTP supporters we have donated €750 to Elli. A little help on her further way and commitment!

We wish Elli and all the tour guides endless strength and much success in their fight for the entrepreneur's salary (Unternehmerlohn). 

Many thanks to all MUTTP supporters who made this donation possible - you are awesome!